Summer Weddings


Summer is bright, fun, airy, and cheerful.  Pops of color make for a festive event, along with light and refreshing drinks infused with rosemary, lavender, or honey.  The season is great for pool-side engagement celebrations and showers with your friends and family.

On the wedding day, you’ll want to greet your guests with fun cocktails and spritzers.  Mom and Pop Shop Truck is a great vendor that brings some fun and flair to your celebration.  They have a boutique ice cream stand they bring to your party and can serve Popsicles in Prosecco.  They can even create custom popsicles based on images that you can customize.  Have you ever wanted a popsicle made in the shape of your favorite object?  That’s what they can do!

{Images via Dulcet Weddings}

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