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Town and Country Event Rentals are renowned for their quality items and variety of rentals.  With 3 showrooms, the location closest to LA is in Pasadena.  The other two showrooms are located in Van Nuys and Santa Barbara.  If you have the opportunity to visit one of these locations, it’s great to see the different vignettes they’ve created, each with a different theme and style.

Town & Country has a large array of items if you’re looking to create a vintage look with opulent draping or creating an event space from scratch.  A popular trend among planners and larger events, particularly in the entertainment industry, is to tent a blank area whether it’s a green lawn or a concrete parking lot and design a custom layout.  This requires more effort to bring in rentals, catering, and staff but the benefit is that everything can be customized to individual tastes.  It allows for more creativity given a larger budget.

Take a look at their showroom if you have the opportunity!

{Images via Town & Country Event Rentals}

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