Fall Wedding Guest Styles



by: Christina Lee

The string lights are dazzling under the night sky. The jazz band is singing the blues faintly in the background. Celebrating a heartwarming occasion, you walk into a night full of elegance and poise.

The invitation readselegant attire and your mind rambles through the endless possibilities of what that might mean.  As an introduction to the following series, it’s important to keep in mind that everyone’s definition of “formal” or “semi-formal” is not the same so don’t panic. Wear what fits your needs and what you feel is comfortable.

The trends to look out for this fall are the color red, fringe, statement earrings (continue reading for an exciting collaboration!), florals, fur & gold, one-shoulder tops.  For this occasion, dress pants or long dresses are the right way to go. Although it’s a wedding, don’t be afraid to experiment with darker colors.


Try a bold pink top, and the ombre trio ball earrings are the perfect statement jewelry pieces.  Since there are a lot of colors already, black shoes will fully complete this look; Pair it with some classic mules to dance all night with!  Another outfit that captures the essence of the following Fall season trends: One-shoulder tops, couch florals, midi-dresses, and tassels. Although floral dresses may come off as a summer choice, the Rococo dress mixes colors of black and white, which gives a sophisticated touch to the outfit. The several layers of florals gives the outfit character and shape that is flattering to many.

I paired the outfit with some Valentino strappy heels in the shade of neutral to balance the business of the dress. Since the dress itself is flowy, peep-toe shoes are more suited because the movement is carried throughout. To finalize the outfit, I topped it off with very vibrant tassel earrings. This jewelry fits well because it adds an extra touch of elegance and is the perfect piece to turn the outfit from “floral curtains” to trendy.

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Christina Lee is a student at Berkeley and a fashion savvy contributor.

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